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“The Wisdom I Seek Is Within Me”

Teaching young children to cherish meditation will also show them how to slow down and smell the roses. Let them know when you focus on your mind for a period of time in silence or with chanting you relax. Meditating is a joy for me. What could be more healthy to a growing child than teaching them to sit quietly once a day and learn to tap into their wisdom? Showing them how to go to a place of peace could really help with calming emotions that can come up in their day to day activities.

You could start by showing them a Mantra from Jack Kornfield “Meditations for Beginners”. Teach your children how to become more self-aware. What a Wonderful Family Activity to sit together and repeat the mantra together 3 times while gently and mindfully focussing on your breath.

  • “May I be filled with loving-kindness”
  • “May I be well”
  • “May I be peaceful and at ease”
  • “May I be happy”

Teach them how to come back to the present moment refreshed and renewed and ready for life. Show them how to cherish these special moments with their parents or caregivers. What Treasured Times….


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There is only one journey:going inside yourself

Rainer Maria Rilke -Poet and Novelist


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