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Little Darling has practiced giving compliments to brighten someone else’s day. Little Darling understands the need for them. Most compliments are given freely and they come from the heart. Because Little Darling was raised never being good enough or being compared to an older sibling, Little Darling did not know how to compliment oneself. Little Darling really hopes that parents and caregivers will teach their children how to give themselves compliments and how to accept compliments from others. Little Darling understands now by giving yourself a compliment is a very healthy and loving way to like yourself. Little Darling wants to focus on the positives in life and compliments are just that positive. Compliments always brighten one’s day and bring great joy knowing how to compliment oneself and receive them from others when they give them. There are many people that do not know how to accept a compliment. By reading “The CBT Workbook for Perfectionism” by Sharon Martin, MSW, LCSW helped Little Darling to gain this skill.

In Sharon Martin’s workbook she shows you how to receive a compliment when perhaps, you don’t totally agree on the compliment and how to receive it as a loving gesture. Sharon also goes on to say that as perfectionists, we tend to base our value on our achievements, not our strengths. So giving ourselves daily compliments is good practice. Little Darling is now recording at least one positive thing per day and then writing a compliment to reinforce strengths and efforts. After practicing self-compassion and giving compliments, Little Darling is sure to look for new opportunities to use positive self-talk and forgiveness instead of self-criticism. Sharon Martin explains in her workbook these strategies will help you notice when you’re struggling and give you the love and understanding that you need and deserve. Thank you Sharon Martin MSW, LCSW for all the work you do to help others.

Little Darling “You have such positive charisma and I always learn so much from you”

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