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Little Darling whom now a mature adult has learned over the years that “What happened to Little Darling as a child to cause Abandonment issues are all based on Perception.” Abandonment is the eye of the Beholder and our Perception is the Wound we carry throughout our life.

Not long after waking up in the strange room a woman dressed all in white and then another one dressed the same come into her room. How are you feeling they ask Little Darling are you hungry?  They tell her they are nurses and she is in the hospital to get better. The nurses say they are there to help Little Darling to do just that. Little Darling begins to cry and asks where her Mommy and Daddy are? The tall thin nurse says they are at home with her older sister and the baby.  Little Darling’s father was probably at work and her mom did not know how to drive.

Little Darling is a Child of Emotional Neglect. Her Parent

Poor frightened and drowsy Little Darling tells the Nurses her tummy hurts. She is told she has had a Belly Button Operation. Apparently Little Darling picked her Belly Button so bad it became very infected and deformed. The Doctor had to fix it so it would heal and look better again.

Little Darling has learned that when a  young child she had a Skin Picking Disorder which is a conscious response to Anxiety and Depression. Little Darling still suffers from Anxiety and Depression in her Adult life. It does not just go away. By picking her belly button it was Little Darling’s new way of self-soothing herself after her emotionally absent mother took her blanket away.

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