Embracing impermanence opens the doors of imagination and reveals what has always been there waiting to flourish.

— Oscar Wilde.

Little Darling is here to help educate Parents and Caregivers on the importance of teaching young children Emotional Intelligence. This skill is critical for living happy, fulfilling, productive lives. Little Darling is certain the reason we have so many people with Mental Health issues in society today is that many of these people missed learning this valuable skill in their early years. Feelings that are not physical; angry, sad, frustrated, glad, joy, gratitude, despair, shame- these are emotional feelings. We need to start explaining and teaching emotions as they are happening. Young children feel big emotions and need assistance in learning how to manage them. When a child doesn’t understand these feelings they are being stuffed down deep and are creating a backlog within the child as they grow. These stuffed feelings can raise themselves in many ways in the child’s adult life. Through Little Darling’s story, we explain the umpteen ways of not having this skill can affect a child’s life. Please also understand that Emotional Neglect is a parent’s or caregiver’s failure to respond enough to a child’s needs. It is their failure to act, to notice, attend to or respond appropriately to a child’s feelings. Join Little Darling on a mission of spreading the awareness and the seriousness of teaching little one’s Emotional Intellect. Let’s spare children from feeling disconnected, unfulfilled and abandoned. We together can help our kids identify their emotions and ultimately manage them to grow to be healthy adults.

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